Children's Counseling

BCGC is proud to have Hearts & Crafts Counseling offer art therapy for children ages 4-11 where they can see a board certified art therapist to process and cope with unexpected life changes.

They typically meet once a week and oftentimes take home their art project which aids as a tool and resource in managing their emotions when they are home or in school.  BCGC has a dedicated website just for our youngest clients. Children handle and process grief very differently than adults and therefore need to be treated differently. For more information about Hearts & Crafts Counseling and how we can help your child, please checkout our partner website: There you will find many answers in how we help support children through the most challenging of times.

 We know that making that initial phone call can be difficult, let us help by contacting you first. Kindly fill out this form and we will call you, we promise, you are in good hands.

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