Individual Counseling

Grief counseling support is offered to help people learn to live again and re-engage in life after they have experienced a trauma. Appointments are available with licensed social workers specializing in grief and bereavment as well as a number of other challenges that people today are dealing with. 

While most clients come to us for bereavement, grief is not isolated to death; clients come to us after divorce/bullying/a move to a new city or school/loss of a job/diagnosis of a disease or disorder. In the 20+ years we have been offering professional therapuetic support to people, we have been able to guide clients through the process of becoming  "unstuck" from some of the most unimaginable realities and live a fulfilled life. Walking alongside our clients on their journey to reclaim their lives and heal is a responsibility and privilege that we hold with the utmost care and is at the core of why we are here. 

 We know that making that first phone call to us can be difficult, let us do it for you. Kindly fill out this form and we will speak soon. Afterall, we are here to help!

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