Free 1/2 Hour Consultation


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“We don’t think you should use us unless you get to know us.”




For all new adult and adolescent clients we offer our initial 30-minute face to face consultation absolutely gratis!

Because we believe that rapport and connection is the single most important aspect of our work. It is imperative to the client/therapist relationship so we’d like to extend this opportunity so you can get to know us and we can get to know you to see if we are a match.

We understand that people can experience trepidation for one reason or anther prior to scheduling an appointment; our initial session policy is designed to remove any of that hesitation and break down the stigma of mental health counseling by limiting the obstacles in receiving quality, professional therapy.

We believe that the work we do with clients is incredibly valuable, useful, and needed. We are an agency that specializes in grief, BUT it’s not all we do! We are trained and have dealt with many different forms of grief, stress, anxiety, and traumas.

We will block off a full hour for your initial 30 minute consultation, the first ½ hour is completely free of charge and you are under absolutely no obligation to continue the session with your provider. However if you have found that the provider and you have made a connection and would like to extend the session to utilize the full hour you will be charged 50% of our typical counseling fee.

After your 30 min face to face private consultation you will have the opportunity to finish the session (an additional 30 min) if you desire with your provider for ½ our normal session fee OR you can elect to process what you and provider have discussed and contact us for an appointment at your leisure. There is no pressure, this is your 30 min of “me” time to see if we are the match for you.

Initial sessions for children are available with our licensed art therapist at a 50% discount of our typical counseling fee and are scheduled for a full 60 minute session.

Just call us at 201-818-9399, let us know you are new to our practice and ready to scheudule an initial 30 min consultation. We'll take down some info and match you with one of our therapists or fill out this form and we will contact you.